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We live in a world today that feels like a microscope. Judgement at every turn and the belief that if you dare not to conform to social norms it means you have failed or are somehow not enough. The white picket fence dream - we all subscribe to that and then as move through it, the layers of who we are become numb, stuck and confused. We check all the boxes and when we don’t feel the happiness we were promised, we are left feeling disappointed.

So, what do we all do next? We set higher goals, buy nicer things, fight for bigger paychecks until the cycle forces us asking ourselves "how did I get here?"

We need more people willing to go into the unknown, the uncomfortable and live in their own authentic truth, not society’s. We need more people hitting the UNSUBSCRIBE button and living a life they desire.

Stop living your life, chasing a career and checking boxes for the approval of others. No amount of outward success can give you inward acceptance. Find what matters. Find joy. Find freedom. Find fulfillment. Do you agree?

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