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I'm a Visionary...

Anyone else out there? 🙋‍♀️

You are not alone! I've felt this way my whole life. Too creative, misunderstood, and usually looked at like I had nine heads in most meetings.

My mind is always going a million miles an hour, I struggle to articulate how I am connecting the dots of all my ideas and while I have learned to execute well and hold others accountable, it has always been what drains me the most of my energy.

It wasn't until I really started to understand the role of a Visionary that I learned to embrace it completely and realize when used correctly, it's a gift, not a burden!

So what is a Visionary?

A Visionary is a person who has lots of ideas, is a strategic thinker, always sees the big picture, has a pulse on your industry, connects the dots, and researches and develops new products and services. The Visionary typically is the founding entrepreneur, operates more on emotion, and has ADD (but not always). This person is great with big relationships, the culture of the organization, and solving big, ugly problems (not the little ones); sees things others can’t; creates and holds the company vision; and is great at closing big deals. Visionaries are the creators of everything.

On the other side, a Visionary isn’t good at holding people accountable, doesn’t like details, doesn’t like running the day to day of the business, isn’t good at following through, gets distracted easily, and is always trying to get 100 pounds in a 50-pound bag. All of this can create a lot of chaos for an organization.

The idea here is that if you are a Visionary, your job is to delegate and elevate yourself to your true God-given skill set. This will require you to have a strong Integrator in place so that you can fully assume the Visionary role for your organization. This will free up your energy and creativity to grow your company, protect your vision, wow your customers, get more business, protect your culture, and stay three steps ahead of everyone, including the competition.

One caution: It’s vital that, as a Visionary, you work closely with and trust your Integrator, as your Integrator will serve as a great filter of all your ideas and protect the company from chaos. It’s vital because your company can only move as fast as its capacity.

Thank you Gino Wickman for the insightful blog post!

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