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The reality is one-size-can’t-possibly-fit-all, so how I work with my clients through workshops is never cut and paste.  Using an established framework as the foundation, the needs and desires of the individual and the business dictate the final approach and process.

Workshops help teams improve trust, practice healthy conflict & develop more open & honest communication practices. They help teams establish goals, determine roles & resource requirements, develop plans, monitor progress, adjust, celebrate wins, and sustain changes.

My commitment to you.

Think of me as a partner that’s all-in, committed to your success, unwilling to fail, pushing, prodding, and authentically and unapologetically guiding you towards becoming the best you can be.  

My  pledge is to bring genuine passion, vast experience and authentic empathy for the quest. I’ll always give you my very best without exception.  

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Michelle O.

Sales Leader - Design

"I worked with Melanie over the past few years on Sales Development. She was amazing to work with and her guidance, leadership and great skills in business and sales was instrumental in my success to shattering all time records in my sales position for the Arizona market."

Jarred B

Manager - Building Materials

 "Melanie’s way of coaching was quite different than what I was used to at other companies. She gave me the freedom the way I wanted, but also held me accountable to my results. The tools, and lessons I learned from Melanie have proved to be a valuable tool for success in whatever endeavor I chose to do. Thank you, Melanie, for being a genuine person of character, a leader and my friend."

What clients are saying


A great leader will always be the most coachable one in the room.

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