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Taking Chances

Nearly six years ago, I landed at LAX for the first time ever. It wasn’t for a visit but a relocation for my then job. For me it was about getting out of my own way and pushing myself, leaving the comfortability and routine of MN. I remember landing at LAX super late that night. Upon waking up the next morning, I pulled the curtains of my hotel to see nothing but fog and rain. I remember the pit in my stomach and sitting on the edge of the bed, tears streaming down my face, while questioning what in the hell I had just done. Fast forward and that single move pushed me further than anything else ever has. The years have brought challenges, many changes, new jobs, new relationships, heartbreak, triumph, fear, frustration, uncertainty, growth and everything in between. I grew, I learned, I chased. I discovered more about who I was than I ever have.

I said goodbye to Redondo Beach in 2019 and embarked on the most uncertain journey of them all – a move to Denver and launch of my own business to help others appreciate more of what they want out of their lives and their business.

For those of you ever questioning a scary change or move, make it. Jump now and let yourself fall. Let the fear set in and then let everything about who you are surprise the hell out of yourself. Work hard and find out what you care about and don’t ever let go of it. Life has a funny way of continuing to work in your best interest, even when you can’t understand it for yourself.

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