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Support that elevates both you and your business.

Who We Are

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Design Your Life. Design Your Business.

Melanie Anne began as a way to impact the leadership world holistically, through personal and professional development. I saw a need to help professionals grow in themselves and in their careers, as well as to strategically help entrepreneurs and corporations at a deeper level overcome foundational challenges hindering them from results. ​

As the founder of Melanie Anne, my mission is to be a catalyst for  professionals looking to achieve freedom, joy, and fulfillment while enhancing their performance and making a meaningful difference in every area of their life. You only get one life. How you design it is up to you.

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Transforming the construction, architecture and design industry through personal and professional development.

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What you know.

It starts with the foundation – leading yourself - before you can lead a team – before you can lead an organization.

As a solopreneur, entrepreneur or business leader, you know the importance of strategic support in assessing and overcoming deeply rooted and foundational challenges that hinder you and your business from the results you want. 

You also know that it is crucial to enhance your capacity as a leader or within your leadership team -  to inspire and influence your company culture and employee well-being, ultimately leading to overall growth and improvement in bottom-line business results.

Most importantly, you know that until you can lead yourself, leading others can feel stagnant and frustrating; creating burnout, confidence issues, and lack of growth in all areas of your life. You understand the importance of being supported on both a personal and professional level and desire to create a path forward that will set you up for new dimensions of success and well-being in every area of your life.

Personal and professional goals are intricately connected. They’re a full picture approach to your life.

What you need.


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Melanie Towey


Personal and professional goals are intricately connected to deliver a 360° picture of your life

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