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Why Does Everyone Else Have It All Figured Out?

Updated: May 19, 2021

Why does everyone else have it all figured out?

They don’t.

I remember the first and last thought that crossed my mind when I resigned my corporate position last year. “What will people think?”

I hate that I let that thought into mind, but it was honestly the one piece in moving forward towards my true calling that was holding me back.

Now I wish I could tell you that acknowledgement alone did the trick and I let it go. It didn’t. I struggled and to be honest still have days I feel like my whole self is so visible that those thoughts can still paralyze me.

The difference now is that I had to start somewhere and with every conversation, part of my story and honest admission, I honestly stopped caring what people thought. Why? Because it felt right. It felt true and people relate to it way more than I ever knew would be possible. Leaders, CEO’s and people you and I look at and say, that is success! If I could not stand in my own story in how I got here, how could I help others stand in their own?

Thank you @voyagedenvermag for the “Hidden Gems of Denver” spotlight piece!

Telling your story and exposing both your strengths and weaknesses is hard. Leaning into who you are and what got you here is hard, but you know what? I’d rather be real and stand out than be fake and blend in.

You know what else I’d rather see in this world? People being real and not pretending that they have this picture-perfect life and everything all figured out.

The next time you see a post that has you question why your life is not as good as theirs, remember every single person has their own shit. No exception.

Stand in who you are. Your soul will thank you 💗

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