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Mow The Grass All You Want. It's Never Going To Get Rid Of The Weeds.

You don’t have a sales problem. You have a vision, alignment, clarity, and lack of communication problem.

You don’t have a marketing problem. You have people in the wrong seats, inconsistent processes, and data you are not paying attention to.

You don’t have a turnover problem. You have unclear communication, lack of mission and a different understanding of the direction you are going within every department of your organization.

Presenting problems are often the issues that we think are creating our biggest challenges. However, most of the time, these problems are not really the problem at all and are simply the outcome of fundamental and core issues not being addressed.

Companies are just large humans; you can treat the symptom or treat the cause. Put a band aid on it or get to the bottom of it and treat it once and for all.

The secret to success in business lies in the internal heart and belly of the organization, not any place else. You cannot have growth, creativity, and innovation without looking inward. You cannot expect results if you are not willing to be vulnerable or have tough conversations. You cannot move forward unless your leadership team is building off of the same foundation.

So why is it that so many business owners won't go there? Why do so many companies and leadership teams stay stuck on the merry-go-round, making the same mistakes to avoid the same glaring issues? Well, it's the same reason we do it in our personal lives.

Change makes people uncomfortable. Growth is always desired, yet so many of us in our professional and personal lives will stay stuck right where we are. Making excuses is always easier than taking action. Ignoring the hard conversations and real issues is always easier. So we continue to talk about the problem and grow increasingly frustrated when complaining doesn't change it.

Real results take bold, courageous action. Surface level is easy and easy never gets you anywhere you want to go. To make an impact, you must make a change. You must have the tough conversations and find humility in listening to the hard truths. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable for awhile. Your business and teams will thank you.

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