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Denver Life Magazine: Meet the Expert!

I continue to be humbled by the amazing people I meet each day and by my network here in Denver. I have met some of the most inspiring, courageous, and bold people who are always so willing to support and collaborate.

Starting a business has always been a dream.

Starting one in the midst of a global pandemic was not.

Being visible to the world was not either.

But I continue to find that the more I authentically show up in who I am, it helps professionals and business owners in every walk of life show up in who they are.

Being visible is scary. Letting people see you for exactly who you are – weaknesses and all is hard.

Authenticity attracts exactly what you want to show up in your life.

My clients find me because they can relate and hitting the milestones I have in my business has been a direct result of showing up and just being me.

To see this on the front page of Denver Life Magazine this morning made my heart sing.

Thank you for sharing my story! To be able to continue to support an industry I love so much from a new perspective and to be collaborating with so many construction, design, and building material professionals is a dream come true!

Check out the article here and don’t forget to pick up a copy in stores today!

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