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I don’t do surface level. I do deep, bold, step outside your comfort zone, challenge the status quo type of work. I embody authenticity, self-belief and designing success and a life on your own terms and not anybody else’s. I help others see the bigger picture and build a plan to get there. I champion the underdog and challenge the high achiever. I don’t play small and don't let others play small either.

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Meet Melanie Anne Towey

My childhood desire from within my head-space was to be an architect. My childhood desire from within my heart-space was to help others. Both strategy and empathy have been intermingled from the start.

After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing, the first decade of my career was spent climbing my way through the corporate trenches and up the ladder within the building materials indsutry. It was in these years that I developed a burning passion for leadership, innovation, and helping businesses and teams create their path forward. It was also in these years that I discovered my love for construction and design.

As a full-time road warrior, I found my career journey and personal journey running parallel to one another. I often felt like I was living two lives, often giving up something to take something else on - eventually finding myself frustrated and burnt-out. ​​

My "spare time" and late nights became the time I spent pursuing my growth journey and is when I invested a lot in self-development, mindset, and holistic health through various coaches and platforms. It wasn’t until I began to do my work, that I discovered the power of integrating all aspects of my life. It created a holistic way to live and strengthened my desire and passion to support businesses and professional individuals to drive strategic growth both personally and professionally.

I became a certified Executive and Life Coach (ICF), a Licensed Integrative Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner as well as a Licensed and Certified Practitioner in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) a unique combination of hypnosis, NLP, CBT, and psychotherapy igniting my passion in helping others understand the psychology of business, people and their environment.

In founding Melanie Anne, I discovered another way to follow my dream of becoming an architect. Today I strategically help others architect innovative growth paths, changing goals into sustainable results. I support the personal and professional development of leaders within the industry and help businesses masterfully build to their greatest potential, eliminating blocks, and strategically facilitating new dimensions of success - finding joy, freedom, and fulfillment along the way.

Read more about my Mission here.

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Nothing lights me up like supporting others in creating a solution that changes people’s lives.


Minnesota born and raised.

North Dakota educated (NDSU).

San Francisco, CA and Redondo Beach, CA former resident.

Denver, CO home base.

Self-Development Junkie

Myers Brigg: INFJ

Enneagram: 3w4

Gallup Strengths: Individualization, Realtor, Communication, Strategic and Empathy.

DISC type: Driver/Initiator (DI)

Kolbe: 4-4-9-2

Lover of...

Sunsets, oceans, lakes, boating or anything water.

Family, being an Auntie.


Design, real -estate & architecture.


Travel. Delta, Marriott.

Spontaneous trips.

My Work Style

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Industry Experience & Testimonials 


Forbes Coaching Council

Official Member

Forbes Coaching Council is an invitation-only organization for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, sharing thought-leadership, collaborating and partnering on editorial for Forbes.com



Melanie Anne, LLC

Growth Strategist EOS Implementer | Business Coach | Executive & Mindset Coach

Denver, CO

Founded to be a catalyst for professionals who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world. Finding joy, freedom and fulfillment in life.

I offer strategic business coaching for entrepreneurs and corporations; as well as leadership development and executive coaching for individuals. I focus on integration, not balance and support a holistic way of living thru both personal and professional development at the intersection of life.


Emser Tile

Regional Sales Manager

Denver, CO

100% remote management March 2020 - present

30%+ teams furloughed while maintaining a 5%+ sales growth rate



NKBA Award

 “National Kitchen and Bath 30 Under 30”

Led the build out of the Cambria West Coast HQ/Gallery in Manhattan Beach 

Opened and led Cambria's West Coast Marketing Division and team

Managed 300+ marketing and brand events with all west coast sales teams 


Emser Tile

2018 Region of the Year Award

Region 1 sales award - Commercial, Trade, Builder and Retail




Director of Marketing Operations

Manhattan Beach, CA

Led the build out of the Cambria West Coast HQ/Gallery in Manhattan Beach 

Opened and led Cambria's West Coast Marketing Division and team

Managed 300+ marketing and brand events with all west coast sales teams 


Emser Tile

Regional Sales Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Hired by America’s largest privately-held designer and marketer of tile and natural stone to develop and implement a new national sales strategy for the $100M Trade segment.

Oversight of 32 showrooms, 40+ direct sales reports and 64 branch and operation employees spanning across 11 states.

Strongy focused on the residential sector; builders, designers and remodelers.

1_Cambria-Gallery-on-7th-WCCO-Radio (1).



Marketing Operations/Design Manager

Minneapolis, MN/San Francisco, CA

Directed all facets of gallery launches, including site selection, construction management ($10M budget), lease negotiations, location design and grand openings.

Opened Cambria Gallery San Francisco, Cambria Gallery Rochester, Cambria Gallery Minneapolis, Cambria Gallery Palm Desert, Cambria Gallery Atlanta and Cambria Studio Denver​



Marketing Coordinator 

Joined a leading producer of engineered quartz surfaces to manage VIP relationships, celebrity product installs and coordinated Brand Advocate initiatives for Cambria Style. 

Oversaw brand ambassador partnerships including Cheryl Tiegs, Mariel Hemingway and Ronnie Hawkins

Managed brand partnerships with national sports teams, opening Club Cambria's nationwide 

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Mick A.

Senior VP CBS Radio

"Melanie is a detailed and driven manager that I worked with as we cooperatively built the Cambria Gallery on 7th. I found her personality to be engaging and her work to be professional." 

Steve B.

General Constractor

"I've enjoyed working with Melanie. She's up-beat, hard-working and good at multi-tasking. She's conscience of important details and follows through on commitments. I hope to work with Melanie again!" -

Bill V.

Construction Lead Superintendent

"Melanie was great to work with. She was fully involved in the day to day actives and passionate about the design intent and direction. Her ability to make decisions and adjust accordingly was amazing. I would do another project any day with her." 

Darrin M.

Tradeshow Exhibits Event Markteting

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Melanie on some very challenging projects including the build-out of Cambria’s flagship gallery showroom. Melanie is an extremely passionate and dedicated team member who works tirelessly on the projects she is involved in. She’s a strong project lead who provides sound professional guidance to ensure the best possible outcomes on each and every project she works on. She posses a creative eye for style and design including an outstanding attention to detail. She understands the power of creating a compelling brand experience for customers that elevates and moves the brand forward. In addition to her great skills, she is an absolute pleasure to work with." 

Joe M.

General Manager

"Melanie and I have worked on several large detailed construction projects together. Melanie has provided a bridge between Cambria's internal operations and outside vendors to keep these high profile jobs on time. Melanie is involved in these projects from lease to occupancy and continues to be engaged with Cambria Marketing after the Studios open. Melanie has the drive and skills to project manage complex architectural details which include lighting, cabinetry, glass work, masonry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and all Cambria applications." 

Pete W.

Creative Director

"Melanie is an exceptional performer among the people I have worked with. Her creative skills are universally recognized. Very few people have the ability to manage a project and deliver it on time and on budget; Melanie is clearly one of those people. She has an excellent work ethic, and truly values personal and professional relationships." 

Kristi H.

Owner, Architect

"Melanie is a vibrant and fun professional to collaborate with on projects. In our project together in Palm Desert, she offered thoughtful ideas and was tireless in her dedication to getting the best project for Cambria. She is a master negotiator and a builder of teams." 

Tom L.

Owner, Real Estate Developer

"I enjoyed working with Melanie on the El Paseo I and II build-out. Her organization and leadership was valuable. She is a master of tight timelines and staying on budget." 

Amber R

Interior Designer

"Melanie wears many hats. She is great at knowing what needs to be done and how to get there. She is strong at managing projects large and small and working within tight deadlines. She is very committed and goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Along with being fantastic at her job, she is a delight to work with, which is always appreciated!" 

Roberto T

Interiors + Architecture + Construction Entrepreneur

“Melanie has crafted the perfect pairing of skills to map the vision and execute deliverables within the design-build space. She was a fantastic partner in developing new market opportunities on the West Coast. Melanie helped build a team that exceeded expectations, increased brand awareness, and grew sales in the region.”

Bucky B.

Commercial Real Estate

"Melanie knows how to handle a complex project from start to finish! From the beginning of our project Melanie set the expectations of her vision in alignment with ours and followed thru with exceptional project management. I watched as she not only met hard to reach deadlines, but also her attention to detail was crucial in a successful grand opening. She was great on communication and is extremely hard working. Melanie is a great person to have working on your team and plays a very important role in operations" 

Bill V.

Construction Lead Superintendent

"Melanie was great to work with. She was fully involved in the day to day actives and passionate about the design intent and direction. Her ability to make decisions and adjust accordingly was amazing. I would do another project any day with her." 


"You will not rise to the level of your dreams. You will fall to the level of your decisions."

Shawn Johnson